ADOAPT™ API Integration

Advanced Data Objects for Adaptive Business

WearCheck is the leader in data integration for oil analysis. WebCheck, released in 1991, was the first Internet-based oil analysis software, developed and patented by WearCheck. Today WearCheck offers a variety of data integration solutions for customers, OEMs, suppliers and distributors. ADOAPT is a set of Advanced Data Objects and API interfaces that allows WearCheck partners to integrate with WearCheck.


ADOAPT ClientLink

Your data, Your way

WearCheck supports over 50 data formats for popular CMMS and Reliability based software. Receive your oil analysis data result via email, FTP/SFTP or thru a custom API portal.



Integrate with our Apps

Integrate your system with WearCheck to provide seamless data transfer from your telemetry systems to our mobile apps including work order integration.



Deliver your Results

Let your customers take advantage of the power of WebCheck v2.2 through integration of your lab data with the leading WearCheck system currently supported by WCI.

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