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WearCheck has the benefit of a global network of industry knowledge leaders. The following resources are drawn from hundreds of years of their experience in the oil analysis industry. We hope you find these resources helpful in your understanding of oil analysis and provide you with an oil analysis program of increased value.

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Why WearCheck (Construction/Mining)?

WearCheck not only helps reduce the cost to own/operate assets, it helps reduce the time and cost end-users spend to manage and run their oil analysis program. With the implementation of asset tags, QR SIF’s and online/remote sample submission, total costs for a high level condition based monitoring program can be greatly reduced. This brochure outlines some of the advantages of using the WearCheck oil analysis service.

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Thermal Fluid Analysis

Sales brochure on WearCheck's thermal fluid analysis program.

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Grease Analysis

Sales brochure on WearCheck's grease analysis programs.

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Fuel Analysis

Sales brochure on WearCheck's fuel testing programs.

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Coolant Analysis

Sales brochure on coolant analysis services.

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Industrial Oil Analysis

Sales brochure on WearCheck's Industrial Oil Analysis Prorgrams.

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Transfomer Fluid Analysis

Sales brochure on WearCheck's transformer/insulating fluid analysis programs.

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Wind Turbine Fluids Program

An overview of WearCheck's comprehensive fluids analysis programs for wind turbines (oil, grease, coolant, transformer fluid).

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Wind Turbine Monitoring

Sales brochure on WearCheck's Oil Analysis Programs for wind turbines.

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Mobile Oil Analysis

Sales brochure on WearCheck's Mobile Oil Analysis Programs.

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Advanced Oil Monitoring (AOM)

Sales brochure on Advanced Oil Monitoring (AOM) for turbines and industrial compressors.

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Aviation Analysis

Sales brochure on WearCheck's programs for aircraft and aviation components.

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